Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Are you the keymaster?

An introduction to the concept of gatekeepers
Not all gatekeepers physically guard a gate, nor are all they Gozer the Gozerian either. However they are an obstacle that needs to be passed in order to get what YOU want. I am going to teach you to unlock those gates so you can reach the people, and the goals that are in your sights..

The term "gatekeeper" is salesperson lingo for someone that is preventing you from accessing a person or resource you need to talk to in order to close a sale. This can be a secretary, a message desk or tier one of a company when you know you really need Tier 2 or 3. In order to get passed a gatekeeper all you need is the right key and that key is energy.

There are a few types of energy that people tend to use when they approach a problem. Most people, being upset go for excited or nervous energy. Anyone familiar with Cesar Millan and his show on The National Geographic Channel, The Dog Whisperer are familiar with the idea of nervous energy. Nervous energy is not going to solve your problems and it sure isn't going to open doors unless you can manage to scare the gatekeeper into doing something. This is not recommended, its bad for them and its bad for you. You most
likely wont get what they want, and they will probably feel terrible for the rest of the day. You need to approach the problem, in this case a gatekeeper who will not budge with Calm energy, just like in the
world of canines, calm energy can set you up as a pack leader, it can do the same thing with gatekeepers. Calm energy makes it more likely that you are going to be able to proceed farther than yelling has allowed you too. People will be more willing to help someone they can relate to and feel sorry for. People do not relate to people yelling at them. They will just think you are a jerk, even if you have a really really good reason for yelling.

Just like you don't want to be liable for a mistake, error, or problem, neither does the gatekeeper. That is why it is important that you assure the gatekeeper that this is in no way their fault and you appreciate their help. A gatekeeper that thinks that passing you on to their superior is going to reflect negatively on them, is not going to open up and you will not make it to your goal.

So by being calm and not laying blame on the gatekeeper you can make it beyond the locked door of success hopefully to get your problem solved by someone who can actually do something about your problem.

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  1. calm nurturing warm tones make for a salesman's swan song. a day in the life spent engaging "gatekeepers"---they need to be sold first. always say make friends with the gatekeeper, get to know their name, get them talking, get them liking you. its a long-term relationship you're building with the company anyway. if you don't make it past the gate today, you will tomorrow. first point of sale when you enter any organization is to the gatekeeper.

    salespeople aren't really salespeople until they realize this.