Monday, January 24, 2011

7 pretty good reasons why you should hire Robert Headley

1.) Robert Headley is an ENTHUSIASTIC AMATEUR
Would you rather have an enthusiastic amateur on your team, someone willing to learn what it takes and do whatever is necessary, or would you rather have a bored professional that will cut corners to save time?
2.) Robert Headley is EXPERIENCED
While I do not have a lot of paid experience on the web, outside of a brief stint with AOL/Weblogs, INC on (which was awesome) I have been blogging for 10+ years and using Twitter and Facebook since they became available. Before that I was (and still am) active in IRC and forums.
3.) Robert Headley can write about ANYTHING
While I do specialize in technology and social media, give me enough time to research and I can write about anything you want me to. I have a general love of Knowledge and researching is half the fun.
4.) Robert Headley LEARNS QUICKLY
My main professional experience has been as a customer service representative in different positions for the last 8 years. I estimate during that time, I have learned 30+ different systems in order to be able to accomplish my job. As far as blogging systems, I am familiar with Wordpress, Blogger, Posterous, Tumblr, and Blogsmith, the publishing platform used by Weblogs Inc / AOL but I can and will learn anything necessary.
5.) Robert Headley is PASSIONATE
I am passionate about many different subjects. I love technology and I would certainly be at home on a gadget blog. I love pop culture and the geek sub-culture ( I am a geek, I know, you are surprised ) and would have no problem writing in the sarcastic and wry style that is popular with great pop culture sites.
6.) Robert Headley IS your target market
I am an 18-35 year old male that uses Facebook and Twitter extensively and builds real relationships online. I have many many friends and not just “friends” I live my life online and I understand your target market.
Email is slow, I prefer instant or near instant forms of communication such as Facebook, Twitter, Instant Messaging and text. Generally speaking you should use the Richest form of communication available to you. Naturally, the richest is face to face, but in absence of that you can use Video Chat, Voice Chat, Instant messaging, comments and lastly *ugh* email to communicate.

There are many of great reasons to hire me, Robert Headley. The best of which is that I have enthusiasm for the field and I will not let you down.

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