Sunday, January 23, 2011

The problem... WITH EVIL!

Lets retract all seriousness for a moment, while I relate to you the latest suggestion that Google gave me when I was attempting to search for "The Problem with Mac" and before you say anything I am not a Mac hater, I recognize Apple for all their achievements in the field of User experience. I just just dislike extremists.

I have several friends that anytime I mention anything about a PC, they always respond with "GET A MAC" I do not hold any ill will towards osX as a platform ( I wish I could run it on home built systems ) but I dislike being constantly told to "Get a mac".

I was searching for some silly Mac User experience issues to share with my Mac robot friends when as I was typing "The problem with Macintosh" I made a typo or something and typed E and you know what the very first result was?

is there some kind of Pro-Evil Coalition out there? Is this something you actually have to explain to your kids? Do you really have to explain the problem with evil? It is not like The problem with Smoking, or the Problem with Trickle Down economics, its EVIL. Evil is doing something just to cause others pain, Does anyone ACTUALLY think they are evil, a lot of people will do things for themselves and ignore others, but I don't know if I call that Evil per-say.
I just thought this was a humorous auto-complete and I wanted to share it with everyone.

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